Our Team

Virtual R&D is an Auckland based firm, located in Mt Eden. The team consists of three extremely talented engineers with a passion to solve any product development and design problems you may have.

Jamie Wark
BE (Hon) – Mechatronics

Jamie is a naturally gifted engineer. His skill are not limited to book smarts or academic exercises, but enjoys getting his hands dirty. During his undergraduate studies Jamie build his own CNC PCB router and DIY furnace to accommodate his desires to build new and interesting machines. Jamie enjoys the challenge of developing new devices and machines that test his engineering skills. His love of extreme sports such as snowboarding, wakeboarding and kite surfing translates into a well motivated and energetic engineer that enjoys challenges.

Dr Robert Fisk

PhD – Electronics, BE (Hon) – Mechatronics

Robert is an extremely talented engineer that revels in the opportunity to solve electronic circuit design and system integration/operation problems. His areas of expertise are discrete electronics, integrated electronics design and software programming. Rob also doubles as the IT manager with his comprehensive knowledge in computer administration. In his off time Rob enjoys working on video production projects, playing in a marching band and training hard at his karate dojo.

Awards and honors:

• 2005: Awarded Massey University Doctoral Scholarship (3 year tenure)
• 2005: Awarded Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand Scholarship
• 2005: Awarded Massey Sciences Scholarship
• 2005: Shortlisted for Todd Foundation Awards for Excellence
• 2003: Awarded Massey University Undergraduate Scholarship
• 2003: Awarded Advanced Robotics Scholarship


Gordon Hain
ME (Hon) – Mechatronics, BE (Hon) – Mechatronics

Gordon has spent several years working with alternative fuels, developing control systems for natural gas compressor systems and electronic control systems for vehicle conversion to alternative fuels. Gordon has the rare blend of engineering creativity and true entrepreneurial spirit with a keen sense for business opportunities. He is a person that takes projects very seriously and completes them with accuracy, discipline, tenacity and on time. In his spare time Gordon enjoys mountain biking, and spending time with his family.

Awards and honors:

• 2009: 4th (in the world) Clean Tech Open Ideas Challenge
• 2009: 1st New Zealand Global Entrepreneurship Week
• 2009: 2nd Auckland University SPARK $100k Challenge
• 2009: $Unlimited Challenge Finalist
• 2009: Pacific Channel 100hr