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Rapid prototyping

Recently something has been growing in the corner of the Virtual office. A SeeMe CNC rapid prototyping machine, based on the RepRap Huxley. And in other recent news, The Register reports that The Pirate Bay has added a category for … Continue reading

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Industrial ultrasonics

Here’s a little puzzle for you. Say you have a piece of equipment using an ultrasonic rangefinder. This sensor is mounted near a 12V DC motor putting out several hundred watts. All is well. Then you replace the DC motor … Continue reading

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About a scooter

Last week’s excitement was finalising the scooter video. Edited in Cinelerra with a smattering of graphics & effects. Rendering directly into H264 resulted in a broken file so ended up using a YUV4MPEG pipe into ffmpeg. Audio rendered out separately … Continue reading

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Build Log is up

This is the inaugural post on Virtual’s Build Log. We’ll be keeping you updated with goings-on in the Virtual labs. Stay tuned!

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